Alistair Brierley- Staff Profile


Meet Alistair Brierley – Technical Manager

I worked construction/remodeling for about 10 years in America. A few years in I decided to start my degree in I.T and Computer Science and eventually got a job developing for a company that made medical software for practice management, claims, and EHR. I worked there for almost 5 years before moving back to Australia and getting my job at Axios.


How long have you been with Axios?

Since March of 2015


What do you do at Axios?

I am Technical Manager and I am responsible for running the technical side of the business. I deal with meeting new clients and maintaining good relationships with our existing ones. I also organise work for developers and try to ensure that Axios development standards are followed.


What do you do in your spare time?

When I am not studying I am either playing video games, my guitar, golfing or watching united play.


Why did you choose Axios?

It seemed like a good company that fit my skillset. I also liked the possibility of working on multiple projects at once, not just being stuck working on the same thing every day.


 What do you like most about Axios?

I like the social atmosphere and the people I work with. I like that we are able to use different technologies every day and have the freedom to make the most of ourselves.


What is your biggest achievement?

Getting Guardian Lord on Destiny