We love business technology. So much so that we’ve built a formidable team of not only software professionals, but also business professionals as well. We bring these skills together to help our customers in many ways other than simply developing them a new software application.

We’ve worked with executive teams and boards to help them determine the best use of their technology spend. We’ve managed R&D budgets on behalf of national and multi-national organisations including their product roadmaps and customer focus groups. We’ve worked with start-up owners to craft marketing and monetisation plans for their new online ventures. We’ve worked with specialist accountants to lodge and defend R&D tax incentive applications and to value online businesses ahead of merger or acquisition. We’ve worked with lawyers to create effective technology start-up, joint venture and IP agreements. We have even acted as a technology advocate, helping to drive accountability from existing technology vendors.

If you need advice from a firm with commercial acumen and technology expertise, give Axios a call.